Brenda's Bio

Brenda von Rautenkranz is a fitness trainer, mental health and wellness therapist, T.V. talk show host and motivational speaker. She produces and hosts TV shows.  The shows are designed to share information about fitness and health, as well as various charities people's lives, and community issues.. She also hosts an exciting cooking show highlighting international cuisines and a fun setting for food and its production.   Brenda is a motivational speaker and president of her own business called “Fit for Life” which provides personal training as well as motivational and nutritional counseling.  As a Personal Trainer, she has empowered hundreds of people to gain control of their weight and put their lives on the road to success.  Brenda is completing her Masters Degree from Loyala University to be a licensed mental health therapists.

She has run over six marathons and triathlons and trains for many events throughout the year. Brenda also has run many 5k races in the south, always ranking at the top in her age group. She has helped hundreds of people achieve their first marathon, 10k, hike, or walk around their block. Brenda’s ultimate goal and philosophy is to make a positive impact on peoples lives.

For more than twenty years, Brenda has promoted fitness and shared her wealth of knowledge speaking at health seminars and many motivational speaking engagements. She attributes her success to a positive motivation philosophy and has helped countless people lose weight and gain control of their lives giving them the secrets to successful and balanced living.

With her desire to help people achieve their fitness goals, she became a fitness instructor with a lot of energy and enthusiasm to share. Teaching aerobics was the key. While she was teaching elementary and middle school, her school principals always made her the school’s fitness coordinator, and she proceeded to get the whole staff in shape, then the students. But she soon turned her talents to helping people who had tried everything to get themselves in shape or gain control of their lives, and she developed a system to achieve those goals for those who wanted to change.

Brenda has been passionate about leadership for more than 20 years. She has coached dozens of professionals, helping them reach their full potential and improving their leadership styles. Her popular seminars and classes have run locally and in a number of East Coast locations.   She has demonstrated her own high energy leadership style in her roles as PTA. President, chairing non-profit Gala’s and events, organizing political campaigns, Leadership Howard County graduate, and hosting a T.V. show on networking.   She shares her knowledge and leaderships skills with the high school interns who work with her each year on her T.V. shows as well as all the students at Glenwood Middle school via her innovative student programs.

Born in Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania., Brenda always had a love for teaching and received a BS in Education from Georgia Southern University. Even with a busy teaching schedule, she always found time to lead exercise classes for her colleagues in school so they stayed fit. She worked at health clubs teaching classes, and personal training. Racquetball, horseback riding, skiing, cycling, swimming are some of the other sports Brenda enjoys.

Awards and Recognition:
Board of Directors for the American Heart Association of Maryland, Chairman of Heart Gala, Board of Directors for the Howard County Domestic Violence Center, YMCA Steering Committee, Claudia Mayer Cancer Image Center Committee, Western Howard County Horizon Foundation Council, Crowned Mrs. Maryland USA won the Mrs. Congeniality Award, Nominated Volunteer of the Year for Howard County, Teacher of the Year and nominated for the State of Georgia. Speaker for the National Middle School Convention.  Middle School Comprehensive Evaluation Team, Director Pre-School, Owner and Operator of Western Sizzlin Steak House. .




Fitness Beliefs

Brenda shares with her clients the power of intention and that she believes in them. Everybody can achieve their goals but someone has to believe in them as well and that is Brenda’s primary principle. The empowerment of positive thinking can get a person of the couch, out of the door and walking; making some behavioral changes and creating a positive pattern.

Special services:

Personal Trainer

Train for Marathons

Help lose weight for an event (reunion, wedding, etc.)

Seminars on health and fitness to private groups and corporations

Train athletes on speed for High School sports (soccer. track, lacrosse, etc.)



Kid’s aerobics

Teen Fitness

Fitness Boot Camp

Pool Workouts