Recommended books


1. A Ladder Out of Depression By Bonnie Keen

2. Living Above Worry and Stress By Women of Faith/ Study Guide Series

3. Happiness is a Lifestyle By Frank Minirth, MD

4. Don't Throw Away Tomorrow By Robert H. Schuller

5.The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle By Jim Rohn

6. Relax, you may only have a few minutes left, By Loretta La Roche

7.Your Best Life Now/ Daily Devotions By Joel Osteen

8. 25 Ways to Win People By John C, Maxwell

9. The Five Love Languages By Gary Chapman



Author Title Subject
1. Joel Osteen

Your Best LIfe Now

7 Steps to Living Your Full Potential

Finding your potential
2. Dale Carnegie How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Worrying
3. Keith Harrel Attitude is Everything Attitude
4. John C. Maxwell The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Leadership
5. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer The Power of Intention Finding power within yourself
6. Robert Schuller

Turning hurts into Halos

Scars into Stars

Hurting people
7. Dr. Phillip McGraw Self Matters Self esteem
8. John. C. Maxwell Your Road Map to Success

Where am I going?

How do I get there?

9. Robert Schuller Be Happy Attitudes Finding Happiness
10. John C. Maxwell Winning with People How to win people
11. Laurie Puhn, JD Instant Persuasion Do's and Don'ts for good communication