Personal Training- Programs include: single, married, group, and training From Your Couch to Your First 5k. I also train people for 10k, half marathon, marathon, retirement training.
Workplace Wellness Program- Working with companies to engage in their health: eating, exercising, emotional wellness. (How to get the most out of your employees).
High Sports Training- Training and preparing students emotionally for making the High School sports teams, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, football.
Group Counseling- Topics include: eating disorders, anorexia, overeaters, learning healthy eating.
Counseling services- Anxiety, depression, child behavior issues, relationship concerns, work related stress, stress management.

Motivational Speaking Engagement Topics include:

  • Wheel of Life- Being balanced in physical fitness, emotional fitness, financial fitness, nutritionally fit, organizational fitness, and spiritual fitness.
  • Getting Your House In Oder- An Organization overview of getting your house, work, and self in order. How, Do It, Done
  • Why Do I feel the Way I Do? - Identifying key concepts of emotional well being to enhance our daily lives.
  • Leadership Skills to Grow With- Empowering people to find their strengths and educate them to engage to their full potential for growth and development.
  • The DNA of Relationships- Learn how to improve your relationships at home, work, and personal. Have you ever felt that you keep making the same mistakes over and over? Learn some basic steps for satisfying positive relationships.



Fitness Beliefs
Brenda shares with her clients the power of intention and that she believes in them. Everybody can achieve their goals but someone has to believe in them as well and that is Brenda’s primary principal. The empowerment of positive thinking can get a person of the couch, out of the door and walking; making some behavioral changes and creating a positive pattern.
Special services:
Personal Trainer
Train for Marathons
Help lose weight for an event (reunion, wedding, etc.)
Seminars on health and fitness to private groups and corporations
Train athletes on speed for High School sports (soccer. track, lacrosse, etc.)