Previous 2013 Events

06.12.13 2nd Annual Power of the Purse
Her Mind Magazine/ Silent Auction & Sale
Benefits Blossoms of Hope and Business Women’s
Network of Howard County

04.14.13 Women’s Tea  for The Women’s Ministry of Friendship Baptist Church

2012 Events - Sample of Brenda's events

09.13.12 Success In Style Pink Bag Lunch 11 am - 1:30 pm The Great Room, Historic Savage Mills  Read the Flier

09.22.12 Howard Community College Grans Prix, 10am - 4 pm, Marama Farm, Clarksville Read the flier

11.03.12  Maple Lawn Fashion of Hope  12pm - 4 pm  Ranazul Restaurant  Read the Flier




Are your arms ready for shorts sleeve shirts? Did your arms develop bat wings over the winter? Let's get ourselves looking fabulous for this summer season. Watch this video and see how you can have beautiful looking arms in minutes( only kidding)!

Come on out each Saturday for Boot Camp in the Park! It is for all levels and ages. Anybody can do the workouts. The hardest part is getting waking up!!

Ages from 6- 80 years old!

What: Boot Camp in the Park

Where: Centennial Park, Columbia MD, Pavilion H ( Look for the Get Active signs)

When: Saturday's rain or shine Time: 8:00-9:00a.m.

Cost: IT IS FREE!!! (no makeup, hair combed required, or fancy workout clothes!) What do we do? walk, or some run, jumping jacks, arm exercises, walk up a hill, arm exercises, situps, pushups and calisthenics. Anybody can do it!!!

Bootcamp 2012   bootcamp 2012

How well do you manage yourself... manage work..... manage your time? What is management? Management is learning how not to waste anything. Management is being productive, constructive and creative. Do you manage your time in the best possible way? What do you pile on your calendar with? ( or on your dining room table?)

What are your objectives of life... to stay healthy, have good relationships.. enjoy your everyday life? You have to manage your objectives.
1. Set time each day for your health.
2. Call that special someone you have had no time for!
3. Stop for a moment and enjoy what you have.(maybe at a stoplight)
4. Stop wasting your time on things that don't matter... gossiping, negative thinking.. complaining.... procrastinating...
5. Make a list of your objective you want to accomplish this week.
Remember your values determine your objectives and your objectives determine your calendar.
What are you wasting each day?????

Thanks for reading!!

Special 8 Week Body Tune Up or Body Starting Over Program beginning the week of September 6- October 30.
1. Get renewed with eating healthy and exercising once again.
2. Focus on yourself to make the changes.
3. Stop putting off your health for…. “when things slow down”…. You know things don’t slow down!!
4. Make an investment that will last and remember taking care of your body today will increase your quality of life for tomorrow.
$ Discount for past clients.
Program consists of:  exercise, weight training, nutrition, emotional wellbeing, sleep, water and vitamins.
Sign up now:  Email or call : 301 641-0031
Don’t forget every Saturday Boot Camp (Circle Training in the Park) from 7:45-9:00a.m  at Centennial Park ( Rt. 108 entrance… and it is Free! (Any level of fitness can do it!! I hope to see you there!! I promise you will have fun!! Brenda!